Sunday, December 12, 2010

"I am a collector of interesting things" ......

I was watching a movie a couple weeks ago, The Brothers Bloom, and the "crazy" woman in the movie was asked what she did, she replied with "A collector of hobbies." Those words just hit me in a way where I sat back and thought "YES!" thats pretty much what I do. Let me explain more here. I am known to say that my art is sparked by other artists and creators around me, their creativity is what makes me spark. I am constantly trying new techniques or new products, and going from canvas, to wood, to paper, to altered art to assemblages to just about anything else! I am always saying "I can do that" I learn as much as I can or think I have to and go forth, then the funny thing is once I have completed it, thats it, I'm done. I just don't have to do it again.... but I figure is that I may not use all the information I learned but I will use a piece of it in the next thing I move onto....... so I have decided to say when asked what do you do? "I am a collector of interesting things".
Anyway here is some more pictures of interesting things that I have worked on. Take care.

Wooden trinket box, with acrylics, tin foil, flower trinkets, and wooden pieces

acrylic square, painted with acrylics and a magnet on back

birdhouse built out of an old staircase from the old house and trinkets found at a junk shop (my favorite place)

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  1. That birdhouse is so cool- and the birds in it are obviously very happy! :) Keep on creating!