Saturday, November 20, 2010

New updates

Well as you can see I neglect this blog a lot! I tend to read more blogs then write in my own. But I have been inspired today by my sister's own blog,, she has been sharing some wonderful stuff..... so here I am ready to share along side her!
I have been really focusing on painting just experimenting with different mediums and techniques. I am a devout follower of artist Gary Reef, he is a fantastic inspiration, you can find him on youtube, ning, and his own blog,
Here are some samples of my art: 

The first 2 are on paper and framed into an 8x10. The next 2 are on canvas you can actually see my process for creating the last two here on youtube: 

This next art piece is one of my favorites, a friend actually bought it from me, which is good because then I can still see it! 

Well I am off to the art room! Enjoy the day and may it be filled with fun!


  1. Gayle I love this last piece, how come I never saw it? Amazing on the colors and the eye.
    Welcome back glad I inspired you, you have so much to offer and share.
    Love Sandy

  2. The last one I actually sold. Trish has it. I really liked it also.